Idea Carpet

Soft and lovely 100% wool rug with pattern in several colours. Thanks to the long pile of the rug, it is super lovely to put your feet on, while creating a bohemian and inviting atmosphere in the room. The rug is hand-knotted in Morocco according to traditional handcrafting methods. As the rugs are made by hand, variations may occur. The Idea pattern, also found on our blankets, comes from a painting by Amelia Widell. "I've had so many questions about selling the painting that I thought it would be fun to use the motif in a different way. The little dot symbolises a small thought that spins around and eventually has become something much bigger."

Moroccan wool carpet Idea black from MEMLIMELI

Idea Carpet Black 200×300 cm

14 280.00 kr.
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Moroccan wool carpet Idea green from MEMLIMELI

Idea Carpet Green 200×300 cm

14 280.00 kr.
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